An engineer by trade and a talented mixed martial artist at heart, Marcus Harris is a unique individual in the world of MMA. On September 1st Marcus looks to make it two straight victories in the Fight Card cage.

Q: How long have you been training and competing in combat sports?

A: “I’ve been training on and off for about six years now, I took a couple years off and now I’m back at it.”

Q: Why did you decide to start training?

A: “I always was into combat sports, I just had to walk into the gym, and once I did I was hooked.”

Q: What gym do you currently train at?

A: “I train at Victory martial arts.”

Q: What are some of your other interests outside of training and fighting?

A: “I like to play basketball, other than that I’m either watching fights, playing my Xbox, or just hanging out with my family.”

Q: What are your biggest motivators?

A: “I just love what I do and my family and whole support group are great. I have a lot of people behind me showing me love and they believe in me through my ups and downs.”

Q: In your life, who inspires you the most?

A: “No question, my parents.”

Q: How would you describe your fighting style?

A: “Versatile and adaptive.”

Q: “What is your professional occupation?

A: “I’m currently laid off, but I’m an engineer for the BNSF railway.”

Q: How does your fight end on September 1st?

A: “With me getting my hand raised no matter what.”