Hard work and dedication, two words that describe Natanael Otero. A young man who has been fighting his whole life, and on September 1st Natanael once again steps foot in the Fight Card cage to show everyone what he is made of.

Q: How long have you been training in mixed martial arts?

A: “I’ve been training consistently for about eight months, but I’ve always been a fighter, I fight just to live.”

Q: What are your biggest motivators to succeed?

A: “That’s easily my family, friends, former coaches and mentors. I’m just trying to make them all proud.”

Q: If you didn’t spend long hours training and preparing to fight, what would you be doing with your time?

A: “I would probably just be coaching wrestling or personal training people, because I like to help people improve their lives physically and mentally.”

Q: Why did you decide to start fighting mixed martial arts?

A: “Well, I like to fight because it’s what I’ve always done, I get life from fighting, it gives me a reason to get up and get going; it’s my passion, it’s what I love.”

Q: What are some of your other interests or hobbies outside of training and fighting?

A: “My other interests include reading random internet articles, I love learning and gathering information from varies places, and I’m always interested in learning new things from people I meet on a daily basis.”

Q: How would you describe your fighting style or technique?

A: “I don’t know what my style is honestly, I just fight, I’ll leave that up to the fight fans, commentators, and enthusiasts.”

Q: What kind of work do you do currently?

A: “I kick A** and take names, just kidding, lol, I’m a cashier at a grocery store.”

Q: How does your fight end on September 1st?

A: “My fight ends with me winning once again in a dominant form with a finish.”