Some people get into combat sports because they have no other options, some people love the grind and work ethic that training instills in you; and others fight for a higher power. On September 1st Roman Jordan plans on showing everyone what Sicilian savagery is all about.



Q: Why did you get into MMA/kickboxing?

A: “I originally got into MMA so I could get a sixpack.”

Q: What inspires you to push yourself every day and compete in MMA?

A: “This one’s easy, my inspiration is Jesus Christ.”

Q: How would describe your style of fighting?

A: “My fight technique is Sicilian savagery.”

Q: How many times have you competed both in MMA and kickboxing?

A: “I have 5 fights total, I’m 3-1 in boxing, and 1-0 kickboxing for Fight Card Entertainment.”

Q: How does your fight end on September 1st?

A: “Broken jaw, TKO stoppage.”