Mitchell Conner grew up fighting on the streets of Wisconsin, and thanks to the advice of a judge, that told him to go to a gym if you think you’re so tough, Conner has changed his life through fighting. September 1st Fight Card welcomes this Wisconsin native.

Q: Why did you decide to start fighting?

A: “When I was growing up, I was always fighting, in the streets, at school. A judge challenged me to see how tough I was at a real gym, I’m still fighting.

Q: Who are your favorite fighters of all time?

A: “The Diaz brothers, awesome boxing, sick jitz (jiu jitsu), and they both have a don’t give a f**k attitude.”

Q: What are your biggest motivators?

A: “My father, he is the greatest man I know. In 2008, he was in an accident that left him a quadriplegic, every time I want to give up or quit I think about him. My kids also motivate me, they are my life.”

Q: How does your fight end on September 1st?

A: “My fight will end with a first round knock out!”