Lavontee Moriente returns to Fight Card, September 1st will mark his second time fighting under the promotion but his first MMA fight for us. 

Q: What was the reason why wanted to get into MMA?

A: “Holly Holm, when I watched her beat Ronda Rousey, that’s when it all started for me.”

Q: Where do you spend most of your time training?

A: “I train out of Infinito BJJ, under the the great Steve Kinnison on the south-side of Chicago.”

Q: What motivates you to fight and compete?

A: “Many things motivate me, but the number one thing is my daughter, she makes me go hard every single day!”

Q: As a martial artist, who are some of your favorite fighters of all time?

A: “It’s a list, but here it goes, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Rampage, Cyborg, Holly Holm, BJ Penn, Damien Maia, and Demetrious Johnson. I dream of the day I get to meet DJ in the cage.”