Christopher Nicholson is a true mixed martial artist, nothing makes him feel more alive than stepping foot in the cage. September 1st will be the second time Nicholson competes in our cage. His motto is humble, fair, and open mindedness.

Q: Who is your favorite fighter of all time?

A: “Bruce Lee, because he is the greatest philosopher that combat has ever seen.”

Q: How would you describe the way you fight?

A: “I take style points and inspiration from Damien Maia, Conor McGregor, and Dominick Cruz. Maia wins fights without even throwing a punch, McGregor and Cruz because I believe the key to free standing combat is movement, fluidity, and angles.”

Q: What do you think you are most accomplished as a fighter?

A: “The gentle art of jiu jitsu is what I consider my strongest area.”

Q: How does your fight end on September 1st?

A: “The fight will end whenever I notice the part of my opponents game I can exploit, I am well rounded and can adapt to any condition. I will take away whatever he gives me.”