Some people have to search long and hard for motivation, this is not the case for professional fighter Miguel Luis. Chicago’s own Luis is in a perfect place in his life right now, all cylinders are firing, and on November 19th Miguel plans on all his hard work to pay off in a big way.

Q: What gym do you primarily train at?

A: “For the longest time, my primary training has been done at Chicago Fight Team, but halfway through this year I started to train primarily at Prime Mauy Thai. Due to the fact I moved from Oak Lawn to Naperville with my girlfriend and our two sons.”

Q: Why did you decide to start training/fighting?

A: “I decided to get into fighting because I wanted to challenge myself in ways that most people aren’t wiling to. I wrestled in high school and in college, once I graduated college I needed to continue to grapple, and MMA seemed to be the right path to go down.”

 Q: What are your biggest motivators in life?

A: “Well I have a lot of people who are my biggest motivators, for the longest time it has only been my parents because of all of the sacrifices they made for my brother, my sisters and myself. They came to this country for the American dream, with their hard work and sacrifices they were able to accomplish that and more. Also, my newest and biggest motivators are my new family. My girlfriend, Arielle, and our twin boys, Austin & Adrian help keep me motivated and focused.”

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: “I have a lot of favorites, but if I had to pick one, I would have to go with John Wick.”

Q: How foes your fight end on November 19th?

A: “The fight on November 19th will end with the fans getting their moneys worth, on their feet going nuts because of the fight that they just witnessed, and an unpredictable outcome.”