Fight Card Entertainment – Takeover – Nov 19th

Q & A with Michael Parker


Michael Parker from Rockford, Illinois is ready to show everyone who the real ‘People’s Champ’ is, and according to him, he won’t need the full 5 rounds to do so either. On November 19th the man from Rockford travels to Rosemont for a Fight Card title fight.


Q: Where do you currently spend most of your training sessions?

A: “My home gym CoreCombatSports.”

Q: How long have you been training/fighting?

A: “I’ve been doing martial arts for four years now and fighting in the cage for three years.”

Q: Why did you decide to start fighting?

A: “What made me decide to do this sport was me and my brother wanting to join the National Guard, however, I figured we needed to know basic combat skills, so we don’t get our ass beat…so we sign up and we fell in love with the sport and kind of forgot about the National Guard.”


Q: Where do you draw inspiration from?

A: “What inspires me is looking forward to having a better future for myself and for my loved ones. I always seek good in my future, hard work and dedication will get me there sooner than later.”

Q: Besides training/fighting, what do you do outside of the cage?

A: “Besides martial arts, I have a full-time job, I work for Burr Pest Control. I’m a Pest Specialist Technician. Anyone has a pest issue, call me, ill get the job done.”

Q: What’s the best advise you ever received?

A: “The best advise I’ve received was to never give up, always keep your head up no matter what life throws at you. If you want something, see it, believe it, and go get it.”

Q: What do you know of your opponent?

A: “My opponent is Emanuel Pugh and he fights for Team Colon, he’s 5-0 from what I hear. I know my opponent is confident and he looks the part, but I will be breaking that all down November 19th. I know my opponent is young and hungry, but fighting me, he’s dipping his hand in the wrong dish. Dogs don’t play with lions.”

Q: How does your fight end on November 19th?

A: “This fight will end with me holding that belt around my waist, taking that mic and telling everyone I’m the peoples champ now. This fight will not go five rounds, I can knock him out or submit him. I’m the future!”