Fight Card Entertainment – Takeover – Nov 19th

Q & A with Emanuel Pugh


Some people are just plain born to fight, enter Emanuel Pugh. Emanuel has literally been fighting since he was born, whether its overcoming a stomach ulcer as a child or defending himself against bully’s growing up Emanuel is ready to show everyone he is a true martial artist.


Q: How long have you been training/fighting?

A: “I have been training MMA for seven years, I’ve been fighting all my life. At two years old I had to fight for my life to beat a stomach ulcer that nearly killed me. As a kid I fought bully’s, I fought to survive in Chicago. A lot of people say they were born to fight, I guess I’m one of them.”

Q: Why did you decide to start training/fighting?

A; “I’ve always fought, but I decided to get training so I can learn how to defend myself more efficiently.”

Q: What inspires you most in life?

A: “Boy, I’ll say the freedom I have to become whatever I want, if I can think it and see it in my mind, the body will follow. That inspires me, knowing I can create my future no matter if I’m poor or hurt or depressed, I can change the outcome anytime I want.”

Q: If you could meet one person alive or dead, who would you meet and why?

A: “It’s a tie, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson, both are legends who isolated themselves, perfected an innovating craft and over achieved. Study the greats and become greater, hearing Michael Jackson say that quote showed me I can aspire to be better than anyone no matter how outlandish it sounds.”

Q: What gym are you currently training at?

A: “I train with some savages, we go by Team Colon, you can never kill our spirit. Steve Colon is a tough coach who cares for his fighters, I will win UFC gold and he’ll be right there along the way. Believe that!”

Q: Outside of training, what do you do for work?

A: “Outside of training, I train more, ha-ha, this is my full-time job. I’m 19 [years old] and hungry, enough said. However, I slang a bit of product at GNC for a part time [job] and coach at UFC Gym.”

Q: What do you know of your opponent?

A: “I know he’s a very fragile man, lol. He talked a lot of smack on Facebook, I believe I hurt his feelings from not accepting the friend request he immediately sent when our fight was announced. Maybe he wants an apology or a box of tampons.”

Q: How does your fight end on November 19th?

A: “With the crowd cheering and me smiling because I put on a f#ck!ng show!