Fight Card Entertainment – Takeover – Nov 19th

Q & A with Georgie Medina



Obsession can be a good thing, such as the case with Georgie Medina’s drive to be a champion. Medina is a confident fighter with a bright future in mixed martial arts, but on November 19th, the man known as ‘Lion hart’ looks to make short work of his opponent en route to capturing the gold.



Q: What kind of work do you do outside of fighting/training?

A: “I work at Mercedes Benz of Chicago, nothing to special. Training, fighting and helping others is where my heart is.”

Q: What is something that people don’t usually know about you?

A: “A lot of people don’t know that I’m very spiritual and I’m also humble minded. That’s kind of where I get my strength and guidance from.”

Q: Why did you decide to start fighting?

A: “I didn’t choose fighting, fighting chose me. Martial arts help me escape, it helps me become a better man, brother, son, friend and person.”

Q: When the going gets tough….?

A: “I look around our beautiful TDC home and see all the warriors we have and how much fun they have training, the kids, the parents, the fighters, seeing them train with passion pushes me. Also, my family is always there when it comes to physical support and emotional support.”

Q: When you’re not training what are you doing?

A: “When I’m not training, I’m training. Weather its film study, yoga or stretching, everything is centered around my martial arts life. I’m obsessed with this game, it really has consumed my life in the best way possible.”

Q: How do you think your fight will play out November 19th?

A: “I can tell you one thing about the fight, it won’t go to the judges. My hand will be raised, and the gold will be around my waist.”