"Rise Of The Gladiator" Competitor Anthony Klemz Looks To Put On A Show at Victory

"Rise Of The Gladiator" Competitor Anthony Klemz Looks To Put On A Show at Victory

Two years ago, Fight Card Entertainment had an inaugural tournament, “Rise Of The Gladiator” that gave the average UFC Gym member a chance at an experience to train like a fighter, sacrifice like a fighter, step into the cage like fighter and come out as a Champion. Fight Card Entertainment’s Talent Scout Manager, & MMA Ambassador, Mike Jaber returns with the 3rd “Rise Of The Gladiator” (ROTG) tournament to kick off at May 5th’s VICTORY event. “I really appreciate the support from Brian, Nilo & everyone at Fight Card Entertainment and I’m excited to take this to the next level” Jaber states.


This ROTG bracket on May 5th will have the semi-finals for the 135lb division between Gladiators, Nick Thomas Vs. Anthony Klemz. Out of UFC Gym Downers Grove, Anthony Klemz has always followed UFC as a kid and never missed watching a pay-per-view. “Once I heard of the ROTG tournament, I knew instantly this was my chance to showcase everything I have learned.” UFC Gyms offer a Fight Camp leading upto the Gladiator’s first fight. With Klemz has a wrestling background, he has been working with UFC Gym coaches in Kickboxing, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The Rise of the Gladiator is the ultimate next step for the fitness extremes. “If you are a spartan runner, tough mudder, a Krav Maga student, crossfit junkie and look to take it to the next level. I highly recommend getting into a UFC Gym and joining this tournament.” FightCard co-founder Brian Angelo. Klemz has been putting a lot of time and effort into training for his upcoming fight. “I want to push my mind & body out of it’s comfort zone and see what my capabilities are. Balancing your life and work schedule with ROTG training and making sure your are prepared is never easy but like life, you learn to make it work.” Klemz states.


His opponent, Nick Thomas, is also training with his UFC Gym coaches in his ROTG training camp. “I know (Nick) has been training hard as well and comes from a wrestling background so I’m sure he will go for a takedown early in the fight. I have been working a lot on rounding out my skills so I see the fight going in my favor for sure.” Klemz is also excited to have the ROTG tournament in the FightCard Entertainment cage and put on a show for my friends and the crowd. “Fighting on a Fight Card Entertainment event feels amazing do to the fact that so many great fighters I know have fought in this promotion previously. All of the FightCard staff have helped me with anything & everything and I would want to fight for any other promotion.”

Be sure to be there as Anthony Klemz looks to move on to the Final Round of Rise Of The Gladiator next Sunday. Doors open at 4pm and first fight at 5pm. General Admission $35 & premium seats start at $50. Order online www.FightCard.net

The "Honey Badger" Gets Her Shot At FightCard Championship Gold

The "Honey Badger" Gets Her Shot At FightCard Championship Gold

In the Chicagoland area, the women’s MMA divisions belong to Victory Martial Arts Forest Park. Dominating from Atomweight to Flyweight, the Victory Martial Arts squad has some of the most dominant women fighters in the area. Leading the pack next weekend is 105lb Anna “The Honey Badger” Somers as she fights for the first ever Women’s Title. “My fight nickname is Honey Badger because I’m ready to attack and kill whatever I encounter whether it’s life’s challenges, a workout, training, sparring, or fighting. Just Like the Honey Badger would despite the size, speed, strength of any of it’s opponents.” Somers states


Somers has strung two impressive wins in a row after her loss against a very tough opponent, Kristi Garr, that went to decision. Since then, the Honey Badger has evolved her game only to be at this moment, “I started MMA in 2014 because I love competition. Fighting is truly testing myself in hands down the most complex and unpredictable sport.” Anna will face New Mexico’s Standout fighter Shania Arredondo, who has finished her last two opponents, for the vacant FightCard Atomweight Championship. “Leave it upto (FightCard Entertainment) to give our fans exactly what they want. They want a women championship. So not only did we do that but it’s also at 105lbs. Do you know how hard it is to find fighters for 105lbs?” co-founder Brain Angelo jokes, “I’m so excited to have this caliber of a match between Anna & Shania on this card. It proves that we will do anything to help all fighters get that chance to take their game to the next level.”

Somers has trained for fights that cancelled last minute and unfortunately has just had to deal with it and move on to the next one but this one is for a championship. “I would love the FightCard belt before I go pro but I’m just grateful to be getting in the cage again. I know Shania trains at a good gym and will be knowledgeable wherever the fight goes. I do know that (Shania) has flaws that I’m prepared to exploit. I trained this whole camp to finish her and that’s what I’ll be looking to do.” Somers says

Be there for FIGHTCARD 62 to witness the crowning of a first ever Women’s Title at Joe’s LIVE next Sunday. Doors open at 4pm and first fight is at 5pm. General Admission $35 & Premium seats start at $50. Order online at www.FightCard.net

"I Have Been Dreaming Of This Moment Since 7th Grade" Tyler "T-Bone" Jones for VICTORY

"I Have Been Dreaming Of This Moment Since 7th Grade" Tyler "T-Bone" Jones for VICTORY

For every pre-teen that was laughed at when inspiring to follow their dream, Tyler Jones proves to never give up. “I have been dreaming of this moment since 7th grade and I cannot wait to do what I am best at come May 5th.” For a kid from Schiller Park, Jones always looked up to UFC’s Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone who enacts an “anytime, anywhere” attitude about fighting always impressed Tyler. Although Jones dreamed of fighting, he didn’t have his head stuck in the clouds. He is a recent Depaul University graduate with a degree in Psychology and plans on Graduate school. Now at 24 years “This fight means everything to me. It has been a long time coming. It is an honor to fight for Fight Card Entertainment that has made such a significant effort to build the foundation for fighters. (Joe’s LIVE) is 10 minutes from my home and I cannot wait to hear the support from my friends and family. “


Jones will be facing newcomer Ihor Dziuma in the Welterweight 170lb division next Sunday at Joe’s LIVE. “I know (Ihor) is tough, I know he’s long and has a good jab. I know he will be ready, come fight night but I see this fight ending by submission or TKO. My grappling is on another level, and I am going to surprise a lot of people with my striking.”

Jones VS. Dziuma will be an exciting match up on FightCard 62. Support this young man that has never given up on his dreams and be sure to pick up your tickets and click on his name. Doors open at 4pm and bell time at 5pm. General Admission $35 and Level Seats $50. Order online at www.FightCard.net

"I See It Ending With a Knock Out" Heavyweight Tom Davis For Next Sunday

"I See It Ending With a Knock Out" Heavyweight Tom Davis For Next Sunday

Timing is everything and for FightCard’s latest Heavyweight addition, Tom Davis waited over a decade to get his timing just right. “I haven’t competed in 11 years but I have over 80 amateur Muay Thai fights. I am a 2nd Dan in Tae-Kwon-Do and Hapkido from Kukkiwon. I think fighting is a great demonstration of acquired skills that are useful not only as a sport but in a practical sense in life.” Davis is not only training for his return fight making his FightCard debut but also the head coach for C-Fit Knockout Team, currently training his own fighters who are also competing on the same event next weekend. “It is difficult sometimes working full time and still having to train my fighters & myself but I do my best.”


Davis will be facing Kiran Malempati, who is coming off a loss but has been training hard to get back on track. Both fighters have something to prove in this upcoming match up in showing that they belong here. “I’m taking this fight with FightCard very serious. If I lose, it’s legitimately because the other guy was better. I watched (Malempati) previous MMA fight several times. He looks inexperienced but I’m not underestimating him. I hope I win and if I do, I see it ending with a TKO or a KO win.”

Be at Joe’s LIVE next Sunday to see these two Heavyweights collide. Doors Open at 4pm. General Admission $35 and premium seats start at $50. Order tickets online at www.FightCard.net.

"The Animal" Adam Fudala Will Be Caged Up Next Sunday

"The Animal" Adam Fudala Will Be Caged Up Next Sunday

“I believe that fighting is the purest form of competition.” says 25 year old Polish-American Fighter, Adam “The Animal” Fudala about what he loves about fighting. “I chose fighting/Martial Arts because this makes me feel the most alive and also, I’m a very competitive person.” Fudala looks to make his FightCard Entertainment debut next weekend at Joe’s LIVE in a Welterweight Muay Thai bout against Farooq Agebejimi. “I was a very athletic kid so I played a wide variety of sports all through Highschool.” the Animal adds


Fudala is training with Victory MMA and has been a fan of FightCard Entertainment for some time, “This is very important (event) to me because it will be my debut and the beginning of my fighting career. I’ve been to four previous FightCard Entertainment events and they always put on a great show!” Fudala adds

“I’m honestly not thinking too far ahead. I’m taking this whole process one day at a time and just enjoying it. I don’t know much about my opponent but I don’t see this fight going to a decision. I’m looking for a finish, whether it’s an early finish or a late finish, but I’m ready to adapt if this fight does go the distance.”

Come see “The Animal” make his FightCard debut on Sunday, May 5th at Joe’s LIVE in Rosemont. Doors open at 4pm with first fight at 5pm. General Admission at $35 and limited premium seats & tables available at www.FightCard.net.